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Aerial Cleaning System


  • Customized Cleaning Bracket

    We custom-design our solutions to integrate with your operations.

  • Hovering accuracy

    Enjoy centimeter-level precision flight stabilization.

  • FPV Camera

    Capture pictures and videos while flying.

  • Data Tracking

    We can monitor the health of your drone remotely.

  • Power Tether

    Enjoy sustained flight with a ground power source.

  • Autonomous Cleaning Flights

    Coming soon we'll offer automated drone flights to further improve efficiency on the job.


Lucid Drone Technologies, Inc. manufactures drone cleaning systems. Our patent-pending system allows for safe, efficient, and effective cleaning of all surfaces. The Aerial Cleaning System allows cleaning companies to complete more jobs in less time, while reducing liability on the job.

We offer robust support to all of our customers. We offer on-site repairs, drone exchanges, an online knowledge base, and complete training, subject to location


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