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Profit Calculator

The C1 Advantage

This ROI calculator lets you to compare financial returns with traditional methods to those with an Aerial Cleaning System. Below you can input job specifics such as:

  • number of workers
  • wage
  • cost of equipment
  • truck for transport
  • and chemical cost

Get started to find out how to improve your margins!

Boom Lift
Lucid Drone
Number of workers 0 0
Total Labor Cost $0 $0
Total Time $0 $0
Total Insurance $0 $0
Total Equipment & Supplies Cost $0 $0
Total Operating Cost $0 $0
Cost to Customer $0 $0
Margin $0 $0
Margin per month (21 working days) $0 $0
Margin per year (250 working days) $0 $0
Additional Annual Profit A Drone provides,
per crew
Annual per crew profit margin increase
with a drone
% of Crew Freed to Work other Jobs $0
Additional Annual profit LDT provides
a company with 12 Workers

Leasing Program

Lucid Drone Technologies, Inc. manufactures drone cleaning systems. Our patent-pending system allows for safe, efficient, and effective cleaning of all surfaces. The Aerial Cleaning System allows cleaning companies to complete more jobs in less time, while reducing liability on the job.

We offer a leasing program with free maintenance and upgrades. We also offer upfront purchases with a 1 year warranty. Reach out to learn more about our pricing.