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Can I use my own pump?

Typically, no. However, we may be able to make it work if your pump can safely pump softwashing chemicals through a 3/8″ diameter hose.

What is Softwashing?

Softwashing is a method of cleaning which uses a low pressure application of chemicals to treat stains while maintaining building health. While softwashing, our drone can safely fly from 8-12 feet away from the building. Learn more about Softwashing here.

Do I have to use Softwashing?

Yes the drone uses softwashing in order to clean. The combination of low pressure and responsible chemistry ensures that our cleaning methods treat the root of the stains without damaging the surface of the building.

How do I transport the C1 drone?

The C1 drone folds into the 24" drone transportation case. This case will be bolted to the trailer bed. Once at the cleaning site, the C1 can be easily removed from the transportation case

Will drone issues slow down my cleaning?

No. In addition to around the clock customer support, backup parts and drones will be provided so that your operations can continue running smoothly.

Do I need a license to fly the C1 drone?

Yes, you will need to become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot by passing the Part 107 test. This is the first step of our training program.

Is it easy to learn how to fly?

Yes, in-person flight training only takes 2 days.

Will I have customer support?

Yes. Any drone issues will be resolved as soon as possible by our team of drone experts. Learn more about our team's expertise here.