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C1 Cleaning Drone

What You Get

Blank Background Drone

Cleaning Drone

  • Stable Flights

    The C1 is configured for stability and safety.

  • Custom Cleaning Bracket

    The C1 was designed with cleaning in mind.

  • HD Camera

    Capture pictures and videos while flying.

  • Automatic Data Collection

    We monitor the drone's health while you focus on cleaning.


Drone Transmitter

  • User Friendly

    Simple interface for intuitive flying.

  • Tablet

    The transmitter is compatible with a Samsung Tablet (also included)

  • Added Features

    We have configured additional features to improve the ease of cleaning.

BatchPro hi res left side cropped

Cleaning Equipment

  • Custom Built

    Our cleaning systems are custom built to your softwashing needs.

  • Window Cleaning

    Through our partnerships with Spartan Chemical, we have developed a proprietary window-washing chemical.


Transport Case

  • Weatherproof

    Waterproof cases give you confidence that your drone will stay safe.

  • Security

    Cases give you an added layer of security while storing your drone.



  • Flexibility

    Using a trailer gives you greater flexibility and space than simply using a truck bed.

  • Customizable

    Contact us for custom trailer sizes and needs.