Can I use my own pump?

You bet, just let us know what system you are using, and we will work to ensure your cleaning system is good-to-go with our drone.

What is Softwashing?

Softwashing is a method of cleaning which uses a low pressure application of chemicals to treat stains while maintaining building health. While softwashing, our drone can safely fly from 8-12 feet away from the building. Learn more about Softwashing here.

Do I have to use Softwashing?

Yes the drone uses softwashing in order to clean. The combination of low pressure and responsible chemistry ensures that our cleaning methods treat the root of the stains without damaging the surface of the building.

How do I transport the C1 drone?

Our drone folds down into a much smaller footprint and can fit inside a travel case, which we provide for all customers.

Will drone issues slow down my cleaning?

No. In addition to around the clock customer support, backup parts and drones will be provided so that your operations can continue running smoothly.

Do I need a license to fly the C1 drone?

Yes, you will need to become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot by passing the Part 107 test. We provide all our customers with the study material needed to pass the test. Of the 20,000+ people that have taken this course, there is a 99% pass rate! This is the first step of our training program.

Is it easy to learn how to fly?

Very easy! No prior drone experience is required. We have a demonstrated history of training individuals to successfully fly our drones that have no background with drones.

Will I have customer support?

Yes. Any drone issues will be resolved as soon as possible by our team of drone experts. Learn more about our team's expertise here.

How does drone cleaning work?

The drone is tethered to an on-ground cleaning system and utilizes a low-pressure cleaning method. The drone uses cleaning solutions to do the “heavy-lifting” of cleaning, rather than relying on high pressures, which can potentially cause damage to the surfaces. 

Is the drone capable of cleaning windows?

Our drone can clean window effectively when used with a softwash equipment set up that has a deionized water pump and the correct chemicals. We can provide you with both!

How high can the drone fly?

Our customers are limited to flying the drone up to 110 ft. per the current FAA guidelines. The height is calculated by using a max. payload weight of 55 lbs (set by FAA) and determining what elevation our drone, hoses and fluids get to that limit. 

How strong is the pressure used to clean?

Our drones use a low-pressure cleaning technique (less than 300 PSI). Our pump systems produces roughly 8 GPM of flow.

How long do the batteries last?

Approximately 20-25 minutes per charge. You are provided with 4 sets.

How does the lease program work?

As a part of our lease program, we provide on-going support and maintenance for our customers. What does this mean? 

We like to say that industrial drones are like cars, so consider that scenario. If your brake light goes on, we will be there to fix it!

Our maintenance/support program is similar to a car lease. Lucid will cover wear & tear issues on the drone, such as replacing motors when needed. However, if the operator does not follow the operator’s manual and does not follow appropriate flight protocols, the operator will be at fault. To put it in the context of a car, if your brake light comes on, we have you covered! If you’re texting and driving, which causes you to run into a stop sign, then we do not repair the drone for free.

Beyond maintenance and support, we provide on-going software updates to our customers to continue improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their drone cleaning operations.

What’s included when you purchase a drone?
  • C1 Cleaning Drone
  • ·  Customized cleaning bracket
  • ·  Cam and groove adapter for quick connect/disconnect with hoses
  • ·  First-person view camera
  • ·  Customized nozzles for drone cleaning
  • ·  Handheld controller actively displays a video feed
  • ·  4 battery sets (8 total batteries)
  • ·  Customized charger to allow you to efficiently recharge your batteries
  • ·  Pelican travel case for the drone
  • ·  Transport Cart
  • ·  Washdown pump
  • ·  2 day of training (travel expenses not included)
  • ·  Aviation insurance rebate
  • ·  Repair or replace in 7 days Support/service program
What Additional equipment is needed?

You will need a softwash pump set up which would be mounted to a trailer or in the back of a truck bed. We have custom softwash pump rigs available for purchase. 

What does training look like?

Training is conducted locally in Charlotte, NC over the course of two days. Prior to on-site training, we send study materials for our customers to pass their FAA exam, as well as basic information on drone cleaning operations. While in Charlotte, we educate our customers on all of the knowledge they need to know in order to operate our drones competently and confidently, such as battery charging, flight skills, transportation guidelines, safety protocols, and more.

What chemicals do you use?

We have an approved chemical program. All of our customers receive access to this list, and we help our customers buy their chemicals for the most cost-effective rates. 

How is the overspray?

The C1 gets you closer to the building than traditional methods = less overspray

How does the C1 handle bleach?

All components are designed to handle high levels of bleach exposure - carbon fiber, stainless, aluminum, plastic.

How do you rinse down (the building) after you clean with the C1?

The C1 hooks to existing softwash rigs and has an on/off switch on the controller (turns the nozzle on/off). This allows you to switch over to water for rinsing at any time.

What type of pump do I need?

A 290psi 6gpm diaphragm pump works great. There are lots of options, so just ask!

Can we get a softwash pump system for Lucid?

Absolutely! We have designed a customer pump system that work great with the drone. It has everything you need to get cleaning quickly and effectively! It’s even set up to do windows!