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Clinton College is a HBCU located in Rock Hill, SC with over 125 years of educational excellence.


The Director of Maintenance at Clinton College was searching fora solution to get all the buildings on campus cleaned and readyto welcome back students. He had explored other options but quickly realized that several obstacles were impeding progress. He needed help to get it cleaned safely, efficiently, and withinhis budget constraints.


Limestone columns had years of buildup and extended over the building. The college wanted a solution that would clean multiple buildings/surfaces.

Large lift equipment was not an option with the terrain around some buildings.


Lucid Drone Technologies deployed its C1 Cleaning drone to rapidly and effectively clean all 11 buildings on campus safely.

Lucid's C1 cleaning drones leveraged a soft wash cleaning process to effectively remove all organic stains at the roots ensuring a longer duration between cleanings.


  • Completed the job in a third of the time with less man power than other companies proposed which lead to no disruption for the college.
  • Saved the college 30% while being more profitable than the competition due to limited labor costs and rental fees.
  • The drone was setup and packed up within 5 minutes of start and stop times leading to less disturbance and cleanup.
  • No landscaping or roofing materials were damaged and no one was put in an unsafe situation.
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