Roof Cleaning 101

22.04.22 03:40 PM Comment(s) By John

Having a healthy roof is a significant investment that can provide considerable returns when reselling your home and maintaining and protecting it from the elements. 

But, how do you properly maintain your roof and help protect it from these elements?

Why Clean Your Roof?

Many believe the shingles on their roofs need to be replaced when most of the time, they require professional cleaning. The buildup of algae and mold can dramatically change the appearance and performance of the shingles on your roofs.

Roofs with asphalt shingles can benefit from roof cleaning as it extends the life of their shingles. Roofs with this material are also susceptible to becoming brittle from moss formation. This causes the edges to curl up and ultimately more likely to fly away during high windstorms or even cause leaks. 

To protect yourself against potential problems, ensure routine maintenance checks are done and set aside time to ensure your roof is safe for you and your family.

What's involved in Roof Cleaning?

With traditional methods, lifts or ladders hoist people onto your roofs to clean your shingles. Most companies will use what the ARMA recommends of a 1:1 ratio of bleach to the water to kill any bacteria forming. In some cases, this can become very dangerous as slippery surfaces can lead to falls and injuries for workers. 

We've designed a product to protect lives from injuries while performing at a much higher efficiency at a more cost-effective price. Our exterior cleaning drone eases many of the hardships and challenges that traditional companies face while producing high-quality outcomes. 

How you can protect your roof

As a homeowner, you should regularly clear debris from the roof, including leaves and branches. If possible, you can cut away vegetation hanging over your home's surface to reduce the possibility of damage. It would help if you had your roof checked and inspected yearly to ensure there's no damage and leaks that may need to be replaced. 

For more information on roof soft-washing or using a Lucid Drone Technologies C1 drone as a roof soft wash tool, you can speak to a Lucid Drone Technologies rep by email or call us at 980.498.1894.

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