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Elevate Your Cleaning Company

Complete more jobs, in less time, with less liability.

More Jobs

Increase your revenue potential by completing more jobs each month.

Less Time

Spend less time setting up and more time cleaning. Our drones are up to 5x faster.

Less Liability
Reduce liability and workplace injury by keeping your team on the ground.

What are Lucid Drones?


 Slips, trips and falls are the #1 cause of general industry accidents.

We eliminate the need for lifting equipment keeping your workers grounded and safer. No need to walk on or climb on customer's property!


Our drones clean 5x faster, leading to more jobs & greater revenue is less time. Our customers see a ROI of 3x compared to traditional cleaning methods. Our in-house training team will get you flying quickly and effectively.


We developed intelligent flight modes designed specifically for our cleaning & disinfecting drones. Data downloads give vital information you can provide your customers, including a digital receipt.

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