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Drones to Combat


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What is Lucid Drone Tech?


Cutting Edge

Our engineering team works diligently to push our technology to the boundaries of what is possible.

reliable tech

Reliable Technology

All of our drones are thoroughly tested before they leave our manufacturing facility. We provide robust customer support to keep your drone flying.


U.S. Manufacturing

Every Lucid drone is built at our headquarters in Charlotte, NC. All employees are based in the United States.

Drone Applications

D1 Disinfecting Drone

Our rapid response disinfecting drone is ready for deployment.

C1 Cleaning Drone

Our first drone is able to clean building exteriors and windows

LiDAR Mapping Drone

Our U.S. made drones can support many UAV-based LiDAR systems.

Custom Drones

You imagine it. We build it. Come to us with your ideas.

Our Story

Lucid Drone Technologies, Inc. was formed out of a humanitarian need. Our founders saw workers hanging at great heights in order to clean building exteriors. We realized that by using modern technology, this no longer needed to be the case.

Out of this idea was born our first product, the Lucid Aerial Cleaning System. This system features our signature drone, the Lucid L1, and on-ground softwashing equipment. The system uses softwashing and is able to clean a wide variety of surfaces.

During the development of our Aerial Cleaning System, we grew to realize that our technology can be applied in a wide variety of applications. Today, we offer our Lucid L1 in many use cases. Click below to learn more about us.

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