• The Lucid C1 
    ​Spraying Drone


    At Lucid Drone Technologies, we manufacturer industrial spraying drones for labor-intensive jobs. Our goal is simple: Provide our customers with a safer, faster, and smarter alternative to traditional spraying methods while reducing costs and adding top-line revenue. 

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It's Time To Elevate Your Cleaning Solution

The Lucid C1 cleaning drone was engineered with safety and efficiency in mind. Designed to clean exterior surfaces without the need for putting workers in dangerous situations. 

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Godwin Cleaning Services

Ryan Godwin

"I have never in my life worked with a company who has provided such incredible support. I know I can call, and something will be shipped out that day. I know I can call support and he will help me troubleshoot right then and there. You guys have a customer for life. It's like you're a local company right in my backyard but you're several states away. I've never seen anything like it."

Atlanta Drone Cleaning & Soft Wash Services

Chris Creekmur

"The product is great. This drone has changed my life, and the past few months have been amazing!"

Softwash Pros USA

Rick Abend

"We are definitely impressed with how quickly you could clean a building as opposed to being on a lift or even compared to being on the ground. Lucid is going to change the way we view cleaning in the future"


Slips, trips and falls are the #1 cause of general industry accidents. We eliminate the need for lifting equipment keeping your workers grounded and safer. 


The Lucid C1 drone can complete jobs in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. 


Work smarter, not harder echoes through the design of the Lucid C1. We developed intelligent flight modes designed specifically for our cleaning drones.

More Jobs

Increase revenue by completing more jobs while elevating your brand to new heights.

Less Time

Spend less time setting up and more time cleaning. The C1 Drone can complete jobs five-times faster than traditional cleaning.

Less Liability

Reduce liability and workplace injury by keeping your team on the ground.

Our Clients

What Can You Do With A Lucid Drone?

We designed our revolutionary C1 spraying drone for outdoor exterior cleaning. It can efficiently clean the roofing, siding, and most surfaces in between. Our spray drone has successfully cleaned various buildings and structures, including ammonia tanks, golf course clubhouses, church steeples, apartments, residential housing, stadiums, and the list is still growing. 

Why Drone Soft Washing?

The Lucid C1 drone uses a soft wash technique to perform these cleanings. The Lucid Drone recommended process starts with a calculated mixture of chemicals and water applied to the exterior surface to kill the dirt and mold on the building, followed by a clean water rinse. The soft wash drone technique provides a safer alternative to pressure washing, leaving no damage to the building or structure. The chemical layer provides a more thorough clean that lasts long after the original cleaning.